Sapien Future
If only, if only.

Sapien Future in a Nutshell

Sapien Future was started by two friends, Nathan Buhrke and Seth Carlson. We recognized that societal stability is deeply connected to the global ecosystem, and that the whole system is on the verge of collapse. The world won't change its ways, and we must act accordingly.

Logic lead us to this conclusion: build a self-sufficient colony, isolated in the woods. Perhaps, this is a beautiful chance for a fulfilling life. After all, life is so much better spent in nature.



A rough outline of our plan for this decade. Certain to be more concrete once we incorporate more knowledge and members.


March 2020
We became aware of the impending climate and ecological collapse and started Sapien Future. The next four years are spent building finances; establishing decisions on self-sustenance, location, and governance; and welcoming members to this community. 

Establish Colony

We buy the property, build initial structures and establish our permaculture system. The next 6 years are full of hard work as we nurture our farm into sustainable production, and continue to develop the skills we need to survive.

Full Self-Sufficency

Approximately 2030
Though unlikely, by 2030, ecological and societal collapse may be real possibilities. By then, our permaculture farm should be producing everything we need, and we will be interacting with the economy by choice.
Sapien Future
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